ACT Work Safety Council - Communique

Meeting number 26

30 November 2016

The Work Safety Council is established under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to advise the Minister on matters relating to work safety, workers’ compensation and workplace privacy. The Council meets quarterly and consists of representatives from government, industry and unions.

Summary of discussions

Rachel Stephen-Smith, Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, attended the meeting to introduce herself to Council members and discuss the Council’s priorities for 2017. The Minster thanked Members for their contributions to the Council, noting the importance of work safety and acknowledging the Council’s significant agenda.

The Council agreed to establish a sub-committee on occupational violence and will work with the Education and Training Directorate and others to review occupational violence prevention arrangements.

The Council continues to focus on identifying opportunities to improve the safety of the Territory’s transient and vulnerable workers. The Council was provided with an update on the work being undertaken by the WHS Transient Workers Subcommittee.

Members were also provided with an update on the recent activities of the Construction Safety Advisory Committee. This included an update on the review of the implementation of the 28 recommendations arising out of the 2012 review into safety in the Territory’s construction industry (the Getting Home Safely Report).

The Council agreed to the adoption of the Certificate of Capacity (for work) for the Territory’s private sector workers’ compensation scheme, subject to a review 12 months after implementation. The Certificate of Capacity encourages an injured worker’s doctor to identify what duties the worker is able to undertake given the nature of their injury.

Members were asked to provide advice on whether the current training module for return to work coordinators is appropriate or whether an ACT specific training course module needs to be developed (currently the NSW course, which is customised for the ACT, is used). It was agreed this item be added to the Council’s Work Plan.

The Work Safety Commissioner gave the Council an update on the recent activities of WorkSafe ACT including the recent release of a Tower Crane Audit Report, preparation for an upcoming proactive inspection and the release of safety videos.

Next Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 22 February 2017.


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