WHS Communique 3

ACT Work Health and Safety Council - Communique

Meeting number 1

20 May 2020

The Work Health and Safety Council is established under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to advise the Minister for Employment and Workplace Safety on matters relating to work safety, workers’ compensation and activities of the work health and safety regulator. The Council meets quarterly and includes representatives from government, industry, and unions.

Summary of discussions

The Chair opened meeting and acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land. The Chair acknowledged the resignation of Alex White and welcomed new Members, Matthew Harrison and Jacqueline Agius (WHS Commissioner) to the Council.

Council Members discussed the impact of COVID-19 on workplaces, WHS matters and workers’ compensation, and noted the continued impact this will have on businesses and workers.

Jacqueline Agius, ACT Work Health and Safety Commissioner provided Members with an update on the regulator’s activities, and on the implementation of recommendations of the 2018 independent review of the ACT’s work safety compliance infrastructure, policies and procedures.

Council Members noted the Annual Review of the Workers’ Compensation Private Scheme and the latest injury trend data report.

Council Members discussed the implementation of reduced workplace exposure standard levels for silica dust and future subcommittees of the Council.

The meeting was closed by the Chair.

Jason O’Mara
Chair, WHS Council


For information about the ACT Work Safety Council please email ACTWorkSafetyCouncil.Secretariat@act.gov.au

If you are experiencing problems accessing the information in the Trend Report - Lost time injuries PDF, please email WorkInjuryReporting@act.gov.au and we will endeavour to provide the information in an alternative format.