The Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate leads the public sector and works collaboratively both within government and with the community to achieve positive outcomes.

As a central agency, CMTEDD provides strategic advice and support to the Chief Minister, the Directorate’s Ministers and the Cabinet on policy, economic and financial matters, service delivery, whole of government issues and intergovernmental relations.

The Directorate facilitates the implementation of government priorities, drives initiatives and leads the strategic direction for the ACT Public Service, to ensure that it is well positioned to perform its role.


Communications and Engagement

Information about how we keep you informed about what government is doing and how we can support you to enjoy living, working and playing in Canberra.

Office of Industrial Relations and Workforce Strategy

Advice on ACT public sector employment legislation and conditions, employment, industrial relations and human resource management.

Policy and Cabinet

Policy and Cabinet provides support and direction across the ACT Public Service on policy and strategy.


Treasury provides strategic financial and economic advice and services to the ACT Government with the aim of improving the Territory's financial position and economic management.

Economic Development

Economic Development works to improve the liveability and productivity of the city in collaboration with business, education institutions and industry partners.

Digital, Data and Technology Solutions

We lead the digital strategy for the ACT and provide ICT services to the ACT Public Service and public schools.