RD Consulting

RD Consulting

RD Consulting (formerly Raging Digital) is an independent marketing and communications consultancy.

We advise in all aspects of the marketing and communications process from planning and advice to professional training and implementation. Our team of talented professionals combine digital expertise and creative thinking to build brands and solve complex business problems.

Through a collaborative process, we partner with our clients to identify needs and objectives. We build tailored solutions and provide the skills necessary to make it a reality.

Our services:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Digital Training
  • Public Speaking

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

The Department of Defence (Defence) identified the urgent need to engage an experienced social media team to create a holistic social media strategy. RD Consulting was engaged to audit and review Defence's social media policy and practises and develop a whole-of-Defence Social Media Strategy.

To implement the Defence Social Media Strategy, RD Consulting facilitated the creation of the Defence Social Media Hub. The introduction of the Social Media Hub created a strategic centre with the capability to provide a constant narrative for public relations and current affairs.

We recognise that social media is a point of convergence for all staff, brands, organisations, command, members, friends, families, the public, the traditional media and enemies.

Defence has engaged RD Consulting to audit and provide a military workforce and career planning communications strategy and to provide branding, corporate identity and design services.

Cyber security capabilities

In the Internet Based Economy where cyber warfare is a daily threat to Australia’s national security, digital monitoring and management is a key capability for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare. RD Consulting is currently supporting Defence to harness technology to fuel innovation and diversify key strategies critical to maintaining decision-making superiority and its ability to conduct operations safely and effectively, while keeping the nation safe.

RD Consulting can deliver digital monitoring and management, situational awareness reporting, strategic guidance, digital ecosystem development and networking, collaborative research and collective training and skills development.

Unique selling points

RD Consulting has a proven track record for delivering within budget and on time, a collaborative working style and broad range of expertise and tools at our disposal to suit your project requirements.

We collaborate with our clients to provide a full range of branding, communication, and marketing solutions. These include everything from graphic design, creative services, social media management, strategy development, policy/process production, reporting, content creation, training, and presentations.