Sliced Tech

Sliced Tech

Sliced Tech is a wholly owned Australian company with full sovereign capabilities. All data and engineers are located within Australia. The services offered are proven to be secure and trusted by our partners in delivering PROTECTED and ULDM Cloud and Gateway services. Security is built into our solutions from day one and not reactively applied. The solutions cover IaaS, PaaS and several SaaS platforms. Sliced Tech have approval to operate our services, directly connected to Defence at PROTECTED. All staff (even Corporate) have a minimum of NV1 security clearances.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

Sliced Tech provides services through to multiple levels of Defence being led by CIOG or CASG. Sliced Tech achieves this by using PROTECTED solutions that have been approved by Defence to connect to the Defence environment.

Cyber security capabilities

Sliced Tech is a managed service provider delivering cloud services at IaaS, PaaS and, SaaS offerings. To achieve this, Sliced Tech has automated and incorporated several Cyber capabilities into the our services including Support and SOC services.

Unique selling points

Sliced Tech has approval from the Department of Defence to connect to the Defence environment at PROTECTED. Being a wholly owned and sovereign company head quartered in Canberra, and delivering services at PROTECTED since 2011, Sliced Tech is a trusted and proven partner large tier 1’s down to SME’s that want a full range of services to enable their business growth. Sliced Tech has continued to maintain the Australian Government Information Security Manual for up to PROTECTED on a yearly basis.