Terra Schwartz

Headquartered in Canberra
Barton ACT

Terra Schwartz

We are a boutique consultancy firm specialising in project and program management, contract management and vendor performance in sensitive environments.

Terra Schwartz offers a new and exciting opportunity for government to procure quality services and some capabilities traditionally offered by Tier 1 consulting firms, at commercially reasonable rates delivered by qualified and experienced personnel.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

We enable government projects and programs to succeed. We provide a structured, disciplined and proven framework for advising public sector clients on the delivery of key initiatives and achieving value-for-money. We assist our clients to manage vendor performance.

We provide the following specialised services:

  • Program delivery leadership and PMO function.
  • Commercial contract management and vendor performance capability.
  • Independent reviews.
  • Supply of specialised program management personnel.

Unique selling points

Our team of program directors, project managers, commercial contract managers and consultants are experienced and respected in their field and hold high-level security clearanc. They bring industry-leading project frameworks, processes and tools to deliver quality outcomes and capability realisation in a managed and controlled manner.

We are experienced at working in sensitive and high security environments, and our team have been appropriately vetted to work in such environments.

Our services are delivered with neutrality. We have no industry alliances with any ICT vendors or systems integrators allowing us to provide un-biased advice.