X 14 Services Pty Ltd

Headquartered in Lade Vale via Gundaroo
210 Berrebangalo Lane

X 14 Services Pty Ltd

We specialise in tailored risk management performance monitoring and systems development to improve client’s pro-active critical risk identification, risk management planning and strategy implementation, and reporting using descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analysis. We tailor compliance and conformance audit and inspection activities to generate reports with supporting data and evidence provided to clients to afford proof of management diligence. Our key capabilities are generated by our ability to independently report, assure and recommend improvement to any governance or compliance process by pro-actively monitoring and reporting the performance success or otherwise of any system, key process, contract, project or program of work.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

X 14 Services’ core services to Defence (and therefore, all other Government Departments with access to the DSS panel) are primarily in the areas of risk management and auditing / system or process assurance. We have experience in tailoring risk management systems to reflect the relative risk maturity of Departments with a view to embracing a path to improved performance over time, as well as in assisting with risk assessments, or a program of risk assessments. We provide experienced, independent auditors and lead auditors who can audit / risk assure any compliance system, process, contract deliverable or project performance outcomes.

Cyber security capabilities

X 14 Services’ sister company, has developed system assurance software, customised by us, to facilitate internal or external assessment of an organisation’s cybersecurity performance (IAW ASD’s ISM). It has also been customised to provide analysis of the ISM’s Essential 8 elements, and the 36 element - PSPF annual reporting requirement. When used for internal assurance mechanisms, Staff and Process Hardening outcomes are achieved, as is demonstrable senior executive proof of cybersecurity diligence. Have your external IRAP assessors use our system to standardise all your security assessments. You can own / curate all data and evidence for proof of management diligence.

Unique selling points

X 14 Services can deliver any Governance, Compliance, Conformance or Critical Risk Control Assurance services. Either one-off requirement or ongoing Risk Intelligence Support to Departments, Company Boards and Senior Executives. We can supply our patent pending assurance software to clients to lower process assurance costs and employ one system to verify internal assurance and risk control performance measurement, analysis and reporting / diligence requirements. Activities may include but aren’t limited to; risk register assurance, cybersecurity assessments, WHS, aged care or food standards compliance audits, or standardised firearms safety briefing with proof of delivery and receipt. Call us to discuss issues.