Electro Optic Systems

Electro Optic Systems

Formed in 1983 and publicly listed in 2002, Electro Optic Systems operates in aerospace and defence markets incorporating electro-optic applications based on technologies in software, laser, electronics, optronics, gimbals, telescopes, beam directors and precision mechanisms. EOS operates two research centres in Australia with production facilities in Australia and the USA. The Company has a production support depot in Singapore and offices in Arizona and Germany. Our aerospace business focuses on space surveillance through instruments and sensors to detect, track, classify and characterise space objects. The defence business develops and produces remotely-controlled weapon systems comprising gimbal mounts, fire control systems and sensors.

Expertise and capability

Defence capabilities

EOS Defence Systems designs and produces remotely-controlled weapon systems (RWS), tailored to mount customer weapon inventories. Our family of RWS builds on over 25 years of developing electro-optic fire control platforms for defence environments and military platforms including vehicles, vessels and static emplacements. Operator survivability is significantly improved when in control of a fully stabilised, remotely operated weapon (or weapons) and a sensor system which provides cutting edge detection, tracking and engagement. Our system variants are designed for integration with a tracked or wheeled vehicle and are adaptable to most battle management systems. The system design includes a stabilised optronic assembly, designed to be flexible and modular, to integrate with customer furnished equipment or requirements. Our family of RWS extends from unmanned turrets through to lightweight RWS highly suited to light tactical reconnaissance vehicles.

Space sector capabilities

EOS Space Systems is focused on the design, manufacture and delivery of electro optic systems which enhance and support orbital data services to the space industry. Since 1986 we have developed systems for astrodynamic analysis, ground to space tracking of orbiting bodies and satellite laser ranging. This heritage allows EOS Space Systems to develop new technologies in support of space debris management and asset management in space, including orbit maintenance support. Developed products include satellite laser ranging, astronomy, laser systems, observatories and instrumentation.

Unique selling points

EOS is the sole indigenous provider of military space based services and remote weapon stations for land based tactical platforms. The systems are mature and fielded and represent high end innovative technology with high export prospects.