Take a nap and make your art dream come true

Released 16/05/2019

Singing, sleeping and stop-motion animation are just some of the artistic activities on offer as part of a participatory art residency in a vacant Sydney Building shopfront during the next two weeks.

Funded by a City Grant, PeopleLab (Claire Granata and Pablo Latona) will hold an artists’ residency to encourage Canberrans and visitors to take some time out of their day to have a bit of fun.

City Renewal Authority chief executive Malcolm Snow said it was great to see grant recipients making use of an underutilised space to create fun, interesting ways to make a connection with people.

“The City Grants program exists to make our city centre a more exciting, entertaining and enjoyable place where people can connect to the city and each other,” Mr Snow said.

“Claire and Pablo from PeopleLab have some interesting and unusual activities in mind for what would have otherwise been an unused space.”

After an opening party tonight (Thursday, 16 May) the formerly vacant shopfront at 3/100 Alinga Street will host a number of special events including weaving (10.30am-1.30pm, Sunday 19 May), a Reconciliation Day movie night (5pm-7pm, Monday 27 May) and nap time (noon-1pm, Friday 24 May).

Other activities taking place in and around the shopfront during the two-week stay include:

  • Singing in a spontaneous choir
  • Making a stop-motion animation
  • Patting a dog
  • Having a lunchtime holiday
  • Writing and sending letters
  • Becoming a professional art curator in 30 minutes

Claire Granata said PeopleLab wanted to provide a space within the commercial landscape of the city centre to facilitate connection, conversation, and play.

“Activating public space with participatory art gives people an opportunity to interact with their city in ways beyond just running errands and purchasing goods and services,” Ms Granata said.

Pablo Latona said it was great opportunity to try some things that you wouldn’t normally see in the city centre.

“Being an interactive arts residency, we'll get to test out a bunch of our wackiest ideas and then respond in real time as we learn what people love and what's too boring or weird," Mr Latona said.

PeopleLab have been given permission to use the vacant shopfront by the property’s owner Philip Kier.

To stay informed about events and activities follow @PeopleLabCBR and @cityrenewalCBR on Facebook.

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