Let us help ReNewYou with free healthy activities in the city

Released 02/03/2020

Most of us can do with a bit more physical activity in our lives and the City Renewal Authority is trying to make that a bit easier for city workers and residents with its ReNewYou program.

Starting with Zumba in Garema Place tomorrow, ReNewYou is a trial program of free, weekly, healthy activity classes to encourage people to get out and enjoy their city centre.

Authority chief executive officer Malcolm Snow said the activities in the program, like Zumba, yoga or circus skills, would change regularly to provide a variety of opportunities for people to get active.

“There are lots of great public spaces in our city for people to spend time in and our ReNewYou program gives people an extra incentive to get out, be healthy and socialise,” Mr Snow said.

“As well as helping make our community healthier, the program also adds to the activity and vibrancy of the city centre.

“People are essential to successful public spaces. The most successful spaces support a variety of activities and uses.

“Providing a wide range of uses in our public spaces helps makes them more interesting and appealing.”

ReNewYou starts with weekly lunchtime Zumba classes throughout March, followed by yoga in April, circus skills in May and boot camp in June.

“We hope to see lots of different people taking up this opportunity to get out into the fresh air and enjoy our city centre,” Mr Snow said.

“While the activities for the first few months are in Garema Place and Glebe Park we will continue to evaluate their success and then consider activities for our other public spaces around the city centre.

“Whether you live in the city and want to meet new people, or are trying to be a bit healthier during your workday, we would love to see you at one of our free classes.”

Starting tomorrow (3 March), Zumba classes by Kokoloco will take place in Garema Place on Tuesdays from noon to 1pm, Yoga by Flow Yoga will be offered in Glebe Park on Wednesdays in April, adult circus skills classes by Warehouse Circus will be in Glebe Park on Wednesdays in May, and boot camp by Sacred Experience will take place in Glebe Park on Wednesdays in June.

For more information visit cityrenewalcbr.com.au

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