Pine harvesting operations to begin at Majura Pines

Released 15/06/2018

Pine harvesting operations are scheduled to get underway at Majura Pines next week, Daniel Iglesias, Director of ACT Parks and Conservation, said today.

Canberrans are being advised the harvest is expected to take six to eight weeks to complete.

Mr Iglesias said it’s important to take care in the area with a high volume of heavy machinery and traffic expected throughout the harvesting operation.

“The ACT Parks and Conservation Service is working to minimise any hazards that may be caused by the harvest. This can include falling trees, unstable log stacks at roadside or overhead dangers in trees not yet felled,” Mr Iglesias said.

“Just like any construction or building work site, harvesting areas will be closed to the public regardless of whether machinery or trucks are actively operating in the area. This will be clearly indicated by signage on all roads and tracks around the boundary of the work area.”

An excavator-based harvester will fell the trees, remove the branches and cross-cut them into logs. The timber will then be sold as part of the ACT Government’s trade operations.

“The ACT Parks and Conservation Service has worked closely with user groups to inform them of the work. They are also planning the work so it mitigates the impact of forest harvesting operations on existing mountain bike trails, most of which are not affected.

“The ACT is very lucky to have a strong mountain biking community and we will honour this by assisting the Majura Pines Trail Alliance to construct new bike and walking tracks before the harvested areas are replanted with pines in July 2019.

“This harvest operation is the first of a three staged replacement of the pines at Majura over a 10-year period as identified in the master plan for this trail development in 2014.”

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