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Released 24/05/2018

Utilities in the ACT are a critical network of electricity, gas and water providers that deliver services for the daily use of our community and today’s release of the Utilities Technical Regulation annual report has confirmed that compliance is on track.

“Our city depends on the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of regulated utility services and the annual report released today shows that the past year of utilities’ performance continues meet the standard,” ACT Government’s Technical Regulator, Ben Ponton said.

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate’s Director-General, Ben Ponton, is responsible for utilities in the ACT as the Technical Regulator. The annual report outlines work performance for the past twelve months and also includes the promotion of the long-term serviceability of regulated utility networks and services.

The report helps to improve service and delivery and also looks at people working on regulated utility networks and regulated utility services as well as property near regulated utility networks and services.

Some areas identified for improvement include:

  • supporting utilities with delivery of their Emergency Management Plans
  • preparing annual compliance and performance questionnaires for utilities
  • reviewing utility compliance and performance reports.

A highlight of the 2016-17 report was issuing Operating Certificates to two of the ACT’s solar farms allowing them to generate over 15 MW of power for the ACT, bringing the total number of solar farms in the ACT to four – another significant step toward the production of 100% renewable energy by 2020.

“I would like to thank all those that have worked to bring this report together that at the end of the day contributes to the daily lives of our community and their everyday quality living in the ACT,” Mr Ponton concluded.

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