Latest Minister Media Releases

Media Release Title Minister Released
Students can receive an ATAR for 2020 Yvette Berry, MLA 07 April 2020
Expanding services at Weston-Creek Respiratory Assessment Centre Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 05 April 2020
Lorraine Walker returns to Magistrates Court Gordon Ramsay, MLA 03 April 2020
Charity bins to be removed across the ACT Chris Steel, MLA 03 April 2020
Free 15 min parking to support take-away pick up Mick Gentleman, MLA 03 April 2020
Temporary reforms to support ACT COVID-19 public health emergency Andrew Barr, MLA 02 April 2020
Boosting ACT’s frontline health services Andrew Barr, MLA 02 April 2020
ACT Economic Survival: $214 million in support for our hospitals, local businesses & households Andrew Barr, MLA 02 April 2020
Jump online with ACT Libraries Chris Steel, MLA 01 April 2020
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve closed in response to COVID-19 Mick Gentleman, MLA 01 April 2020
2019-20 Bushfire Season officially ends Mick Gentleman, MLA 31 March 2020
ACT Chief Minister Statement: Canberrans must stay at home unless essential Andrew Barr, MLA 29 March 2020
ACT Youth Week postponed Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 29 March 2020
Chromebooks rolled out to years 4, 5 and 6 Yvette Berry, MLA 28 March 2020
Further health service changes in response to COVID-19 Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 27 March 2020
Statement: ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, MLA 27 March 2020
Changes to ACT legal support services due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Gordon Ramsay, MLA 27 March 2020
Urgent food relief for vulnerable Canberrans Suzanne Orr, MLA 26 March 2020
Free permits to support our restaurants, pubs Gordon Ramsay, MLA 26 March 2020
Disaster recovery assistance activated for the ACT bushfires Andrew Barr, MLA 25 March 2020

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