Latest Minister Media Releases

Media Release Title Minister Released
Enrolments about to open for 2020 school year Yvette Berry, MLA 26 April 2019
ACT Policing welcomes 25 new officers Mick Gentleman, MLA 26 April 2019
ANZAC Day: Lest we forget Gordon Ramsay, MLA 25 April 2019
ACT ESA Commissioner to depart after six and half years of distinguished service Mick Gentleman, MLA 24 April 2019
12 new state-of-the-art ambulances join the ACTAS fleet Mick Gentleman, MLA 24 April 2019
Better play spaces in five Canberra suburbs Chris Steel, MLA 23 April 2019
Second week of the Heritage Festival is blasting off! Mick Gentleman, MLA 23 April 2019
What a ride! 25,000 people travel on light rail’s first official day Andrew Barr, MLA 20 April 2019
Construction begins on upgrades to Kambah Village Chris Steel, MLA 18 April 2019
Two sleeps until Canberra’s light rail officially leaves the station Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 18 April 2019
Light Rail Community Preview Loop a big success Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 18 April 2019
Second round open for affordable housing innovation fund Yvette Berry, MLA 18 April 2019
ACT Chief Engineer to support infrastructure in Canberra Mick Gentleman, MLA 18 April 2019
ACT Fire & Rescue welcomes new recruits Mick Gentleman, MLA 18 April 2019
On track to start soon: what to expect on light rail Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 17 April 2019
Local Little Eagles taking grand Aussie tours Mick Gentleman, MLA 17 April 2019
Security for public school cleaners Yvette Berry, MLA 16 April 2019
Have your say on phasing out single-use plastics Chris Steel, MLA 16 April 2019
More investment in Tuggeranong sporting facilities Mick Gentleman, MLA 16 April 2019
Statistics show success and further studies after school Yvette Berry, MLA 15 April 2019

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