Latest Minister Media Releases

Media Release Title Minister Released
More investment in Canberra’s creative industries Gordon Ramsay, MLA 12 December 2019
Weston Creek Walk-in Centre officially launches Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 12 December 2019
Party safe and have a plan to get home Mick Gentleman, MLA 12 December 2019
‘Firebird 100’ fire spotting chopper arrives in the ACT Mick Gentleman, MLA 11 December 2019
Upgrades transform Kambah Village with more to come Chris Steel, MLA 11 December 2019
Canberra’s coffee cup scheme starts today! Shane Rattenbury, MLA 11 December 2019
Canberra Health Services celebrates 600th volunteer at thank you Christmas party Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 10 December 2019
ACT road safety grants to drive 7 projects Shane Rattenbury, MLA 09 December 2019
Healthy Canberra Grants to reduce smoking-related harm Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 09 December 2019
New pilot program rolled out for young children on dog safety Chris Steel, MLA 09 December 2019
NAPLAN Review Interim Report Yvette Berry, MLA 06 December 2019
Additional public holiday for the ACT in 2020 Suzanne Orr, MLA 06 December 2019
Canberrans celebrated at Inclusion Awards Andrew Barr, MLA 05 December 2019
‘Stay Safe Summer’ water safety Yvette Berry, MLA 05 December 2019
Wetlands projects helping to clean up Lake Tuggeranong Mick Gentleman, MLA 05 December 2019
Plan to keep Canberrans healthy Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 04 December 2019
Quality in Healthcare winners announced Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 04 December 2019
Art transforms public spaces and changes lives Shane Rattenbury, MLA 04 December 2019
ESA strengthening support for LGBTIQ+ Mick Gentleman, MLA 04 December 2019
Shining a light on elder abuse – have your say on protections for older Canberrans Gordon Ramsay, MLA 03 December 2019

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