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Residential construction industry on notice as WorkSafe ACT enforces workplace safety Worksafe ACT 16 October 2020
WorkSafe ACT issues 11 safety notices in Ginninderry Worksafe ACT 07 October 2020
WorkSafe ACT supporting workforce equality in the safety industry Worksafe ACT 09 September 2020
WorkSafe ACT supporting local jobs Worksafe ACT 08 September 2020
WorkSafe ACT shuts down 13 residential construction sites Worksafe ACT 07 September 2020
WorkSafe ACT issues more notices at residential construction sites Worksafe ACT 01 September 2020
WorkSafe ACT responds to incorrect information about foster carers Worksafe ACT 31 August 2020
Worksafe shuts down 11 building sites Worksafe ACT 25 August 2020
Sentence handed down for 2016 workplace death Worksafe ACT 20 April 2020
Second inspection blitz completed following worksite deaths Worksafe ACT 27 February 2020
Guilty Plea in 2016 Workplace Death Worksafe ACT 12 February 2020
WorkSafe continue construction site crackdown Worksafe ACT 10 February 2020
WorkSafe ACT investigating a worksite fatality: Denman Prospect Worksafe ACT 04 February 2020
WorkSafe ACT issues over 70 notices on residential building sites Worksafe ACT 30 January 2020
WorkSafe ACT execute search warrants relating to work site fatality Worksafe ACT 16 January 2020
Minimise your employees exposure to smoke Worksafe ACT 08 January 2020
Gas cylinder bottle safety – simple tips for householders Worksafe ACT 15 November 2019
Construction Incident in Forrest Under Investigation Worksafe ACT 19 September 2019
A statement from the Work Safety Commissioner: response to sentencing of Nikias Diamond Property Development Worksafe ACT 09 September 2019
Prohibition Notice now in place, investigations continue Worksafe ACT 07 September 2019
Update on work site incident in Dickson Worksafe ACT 06 September 2019
WorkSafe ACT currently responding to an incident in Dickson Worksafe ACT 06 September 2019
Work safe to stay safe this winter Worksafe ACT 08 August 2019
Proactive inspections of pre-cast concrete panels to support safety Worksafe ACT 17 May 2019
Crackdown on illegal fireworks this Orthodox Easter weekend Worksafe ACT 24 April 2019
Update on mobile crane incident Worksafe ACT 24 February 2019
Serious worksite safety incident in Turner today Worksafe ACT 13 February 2019
Serious safety issues detected following proactive brothel audit Worksafe ACT 05 February 2019
Notice issued in response to Braddon safety incident Worksafe ACT 31 January 2019
Non-disturbance notice remains in place as investigations into Braddon construction site incident continue Worksafe ACT 30 January 2019
WorkSafe ACT responding to an incident in Braddon Worksafe ACT 30 January 2019
WorkSafe ACT investigating truck rollover on Denman Prospect worksite Worksafe ACT 24 January 2019

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