Recruitment Guidelines

The way we undertake recruitment in the ACT  Public Service (ACTPS) is essential to delivering high quality and responsive  services to the ACT Community and serving the Government of the day. A well run  recruitment process ensures that the right person is selected, in the right  job, at the right time.

These guidelines outline and describe  better practice recruitment methods and principles intended to support the  ACTPS in managing recruitment activity. They are intended to provide ACTPS  employees undertaking recruitment processes with a detailed understanding of  the better practice recruitment and selection process. With this knowledge the  ACTPS will be able to improve recruitment processes to be efficient, timely and  to attract and select the best applicants possible.

These guidelines have been written to be  specifically applicable to the ACTPS as prescribed by the Public  Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act) and the Public  Sector Management Standards 2016 (PSM Standards).

Further information about the ACT Public Sector Employment Framework can be found throughout the ACTPS Employment Portal including Enterprise Agreements and supporting Policies and guidance.

ACT Public Service Recruitment Guidelines (Word 279KB)

Guidelines for Promotion Appeal Panels (PDF 509KB)

Better Practice Guidance Tools

Tool 1 – ACTPS Vacancy Filling Options (Word 179KB)

Tool 2 – Writing a Position Description (Word 179KB)

Tool 3 – A Sample Position Description (Word 179KB)

Tool 4 – Developing Selection Criteria (Word 179KB)

Tool 5 – Selecting an Advertising Strategy (Word 179KB)

Tool 6 – Writing a Job Advertisement (Word 179KB)

Tool 7 – Tips for Effective Short-listing (Word 179KB)

Tool 8 – A Guide to Assessment Methods (Word 179KB)

Tool 9 – Developing your Interview questions (Word 179KB)

Tool 10 – Understanding Pre-Employment Checks (Word 179KB)