Inclusion Vocational Employment Program

Applications for this year's Vocational Employment Program have closed, this is an annual Program and we will be re-Advertising Mid 2019.

People with Disability Employment Framework

An important aim of the ACT Government is to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disability and their families. Providing genuine employment is a crucial part of enabling people with disability to have as independent a life as possible. This Employment Strategy aims to build our confidence to employ people with disability in a great variety of roles across the Service.

Australian Network on Disability Manager’s Guide on Disability

The Australian Network on Disability Manager’s Guide on Disability is available on the ACT Government intranet. For further information access Australian Network on Disability

Disability Employment Provider Expo

There will be more information regarding the 2019 later in the year.

Disability Employment Pathways

Recruiting people with Disability

Disability Employment Pathways Overview pdf [PDF 267KB]
Disability Employment Pathways Overview Word document [DOC 168 KB]

ACTPS Reasonable Adjustment Policy

The ACTPS acknowledges and values workplace diversity and is committed to ensuring an assessable and inclusive workplace. The Reasonable Adjustment Policy ensures all ACTPS directorates follow the principles of Reasonable Adjustment, ensuring all individuals have equal opportunities in the workplace.

ACT Public Sector Reasonable Adjustment Policy pdf [PDF 202KB]
ACT Public Sector Reasonable Adjustment Policy Word document [DOC 766KB]