Veterans’ Employment

ACT Minister for Veterans Affairs Mr Gordon Ramsay speaking to ACT Public service staff members Ian Hildred, Senior manager Public sector standards unit, and Craig Rose, Deputy Director People Management, in front of the ACT Memorial

The ACT Government launched its Veterans’ Employment Strategy in September 2017. The Government supports the transition of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel into civilian life and recognises that their skills and experience are a valuable asset to the ACT community. The Government’s vision is to make the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) a leader in the recruitment and retention of veterans.

The ACT Government Veterans Employment Strategy aligns with the broader focus of the ACTPS to build a diverse, agile, responsive and innovative public service that delivers the ACT Government’s priorities and provides effective services for the ACT community.

All Staff Survey

An all staff survey was undertaken in late 2017 to determine the number of veterans employed by the Service and gain an understanding of their experience of entering the ACTPS. 134 responses were received. The infographic below provides key highlights from the survey results.


ACTPS veterans survey results – people

  • 43.61% of respondents were aged between 45 and 55 years,
  • 5.26% of respondents identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander,
  • 18.66% of respondents identified as a person with disabilities, and
  • 67.16% of staff identified as Male, 31.34% as Female and 1.5% responded as ‘other’ or did not disclose.

The ACT Public Service

ACTPS veterans survey results – The ACTPS

  • 38.64% of respondents have been in the ACTPS for 5 years or less,
  • Positions that former ADF members hold in the ACTPS include:
    1. health professionals,
    2. teachers,
    3. emergency services,
    4. ICT officers, and
    5. Administrative officers.
  • The top 3 Directorates that former ADF are employed in within the ACTPS are:
    1. JACS,
    2. HEALTH, and
    3. CMTEDD

The Australian Defence Force

ACTPS veterans survey results – The ADF

  • 28.23% of respondents held the rank of Officer while in the ADF,
  • 38.46% of respondents had served between 6-10 years in the ADF prior to joining the ACTPS,
  • The percentage of respondents who served in individual branches of the ADF were:
    1. 51.91% Army,
    2. 24.43% Air Force, and
    3. 23.66% Navy.
  • 57.69% of respondents indicated they would participate in a mentoring program.

Moving to the ACT Public Service

ACTPS veterans survey results – Moving to the ACTPS

  • 42.34% of respondents heard about their position in the ACTPS through word of mouth.
  • 18.75% of respondents found translating their ADF skills to the ACTPS easy.
  • 15.29% of respondents accessed State/Territory, Local or Commonwealth Government employment services when leaving the ADF.
  • 20.61% of respondents transitioned straight into the ACTPS from the ADF.

ACTPS Veterans Employment Transition Guide

The ACT Public Service (ACTPS) Veterans Employment Transition Guide has been developed for people considering professional options after a career in the ADF. It provides information on the ACTPS and useful tips for job searching and navigating the application and selection process.

Executive Champions Network

The ACTPS will establish a Veterans Executive Champions Network in 2018. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

For further information on the ACTPS Veterans’ Employment Strategy contact