RED Contact Officers (REDCOs)

REDCOs model and promote the ACTPS Values   and Signature Behaviours to develop positive   work cultures across the ACTPS. REDCOs provide information to staff seeking a solution to improve or resolve a workplace issue or situation, which may relate to inappropriate behaviour or misconduct. Under the RED Framework, REDCOs were introduced to:

  • raise awareness of the importance of respect, equity and diversity in the workplace;
  • promote and model the ACTPS Values and Signature Behaviours as outlined in the ACTPS Code of Conduct;
  • provide information to Contacts who may be experiencing workplace issues that are inappropriate in nature or may constitute misconduct, including work bullying, discrimination or harassment; and
  • support the development of a positive workplace culture by participating in RED activities and promoting RED principles within their own work area.

Guidelines for ACT Public Service Respect, Equity and Diversity Contact Officers (REDCOs) 2015 [PDFPDF 671KB]
Whole of government RED contact list [PDFPDF 420KB] [wordDOC 105KB]