ACTPS Shared Capability

Graduate program

The ACT Public Service (ACTPS) provides vital services to more than 357,000 people in the ACT community. ACTPS employees are at the heart of serving that community and its Government well and remaining responsive to their needs.

The ACTPS Shared Capability Framework (the Capability Framework) describes the skills, knowledge and behaviour that can universally be expected of every ACT Public Servant at different organisational levels and in every workplace across the Service.

The ACTPS Values and Signature Behaviours and Executive Capabilities are incorporated into the ACTPS Shared Capability Framework to drive realisation of strategic business outcomes.

ACTPS leaders

ACTPS leaders and managers who incorporate ACTPS Shared Capabilities in to their recruitment, talent management, learning and development and workforce planning practices will ensure that their workforce is agile, responsive and innovative.

Capable of delivering consistently high quality services; the ACTPS will be equipped to weather change and embrace the future.

Personal development

Using the framework for your personal development is easy: five capability domains clearly describe different aspects of work capability in the ACTPS. These domains are: Service Delivery; Teamwork; Achieving Results with Integrity; Thinking and Innovating and Leadership.

You can track your development goals or identify development gaps across your current organisational level and then challenge yourself to meet some criteria from the next level.

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