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Reportable Conduct Scheme

The ACT has passed legislation to implement a reportable conduct scheme in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The scheme is an employment-based child protection measure designed to ensure that allegations of abuse and certain criminal convictions are identified, reported and acted on appropriately.

Under the scheme, certain organisations that provide services for children, as well as all ACTPS Directorates, will need to notify the ACT Ombudsman of allegations that an employee has engaged in conduct that results in: ill treatment; neglect or psychological harm to a child; misconduct of a sexual nature; or the employee has committed criminal offences involving a child.

‘Employees’ in the scheme will include volunteers and other persons engaged to provide services to children. The ACT Ombudsman will have powers to independently oversee, monitor and report on an organisation’s investigation of allegations or convictions.

Why is a reportable conduct scheme being introduced?

The new oversight role of the ACT Ombudsman will provide assurance to the community that investigations into allegations of abuse by employees are independently reviewed. It will also support organisations to appropriately respond to and address these allegations.

The scheme mirrors the NSW system, which has proven to be an effective and successful model.

When does it start?

The scheme commences on 1 July 2017.

How does it affect me?

All ACT employees are covered by the scheme both in their professional and private lives. It does not replace any of your current mechanisms for reporting allegations of misconduct.

All ACT employees are expected to be aware of child safety issues, and are responsible for ensuring that any allegations of reportable conduct are referred to an appropriate Reportable Conduct Contact Officer.

Who in my Directorate is responsible for reporting to the Ombudsman?

Reportable Conduct Contact Officers have been appointed in each Directorate for the purposes of managing the implementation of, and ongoing responsibilities under, the scheme.  If you are made aware of an allegation of reportable conduct you should contact the relevant Reportable Conduct Contact Officer in your Directorate:

John Fletcher        Jim Tosh Kim Ivens Liz Beattie Katie DunnJaime Elton Claudia HaleCraig Rose James Condon Tracy Vickers 
 Sean O'DonnellPetra Crowe Megan Moriarty     Steven Wright      
 Janine Hammat       Maggie Drejer-White

Where do I go for more information?

Read the ACTPS Reportable Conduct Policy {PDF103KB] Word version [259KB]

Further information about the scheme is available on the ACT Ombudsman’s website.

Employees should contact the relevant Reportable Conduct Contact Officer in their Directorate to clarify any issues. If a matter requires further clarification, the Contact Officer will approach the ACT Ombudsman.