Capability, Performance and Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning and Performance and Capability development is about improving existing workplace operations and creating an ACTPS workforce which is fit for the future.

Shaping our workforce capability and workplace cultures so they characterise responsive, adaptable and innovative service provision to the ACT Community requires us all:

  • to be really clear about the purpose of our work and how it benefits the ACT community;
  • to bring ‘our own way of doing things’, all of our talent and diverse experience into the workplace and be comfortable sharing it with colleagues; and
  • to commit to keep listening to our customers and clients, keep learning and asking “how can we do this better”?

The five resources in this section are cornerstone tools which will help ACTPS managers and leaders to shape how their workforce operates and behaves.

Used alone or in combination, the ADAPT Strategic workforce planning toolkit and the performance and capability frameworks will add rigour, clarity and strategic direction to:

  • recruitment activities;
  • learning and development planning and allocation of funding;
  • performance conversations;
  • identifying business critical risks and opportunities;
  • developing talent and general workforce capability;
  • succession management for critical roles;
  • audit or organisational performance assessments; and
  • aspects of annual reporting.

On a personal level, Performance and Capability Development is about helping you find out exactly what skills, knowledge and behaviour you need to master in order to do your job really well and progress your career in the ACT Public Service.

What we need to know and do ACTPS Shared Capability Framework

Why we’re doing it in the first place and how we’re going to get there ADAPT Strategic Workforce Planning

A mechanism to make sure everyone is ‘on the same page’ ACTPS Performance Framework

Build a culture of learning, leadership and innovation in our workforce with the ACTPS Learning Strategy and Core Learning Policy

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