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As a manager or supervisor within the ACT Public Service, the portal is a centralised resource that provides easy access to key whole of government documentation, legislation and policies to assist you to understand and navigate the ACTPS Employment Framework.


ACT Public Service Induction

ACTPS Induction

The ACT Public Service Induction Manual provides important information about the role and structure of the ACT Government and the supporting Public Service.  As a vital resource for new staff, the Induction Manual provides a single tool to assist new staff understand their role, where they ‘fit’ within their directorates, public service policies and expected behaviours and values as a public servant.

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ACT Public Service Employment Framework

ACTPS Employment Framework

The ACTPS Employment Framework is basically everything that governs employment arrangements across the ACTPS. It is comprised of Enterprise Agreements, Awards, Commonwealth and ACT legislation, Policy and other supporting documentation.

You can locate information about the ACTPS Employment Framework here.



Manager’s Toolkit

Manager’s Toolkit

The Manager’s Toolkit provides managers and supervisors with the tools and resources needed for effective people management in the ACTPS, enabling you to proactively manage and resolve workplace behaviour and performance matters as they arise.

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Workplace behaviours information

Resolving Workplace Issues

There are a number of resources for ACTPS employees which provide information about treating others with respect in the workplace and preventing unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, harassment and discrimination. The updated documents are in line with the Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED) Framework (2010) and the Respect at Work Policy and the Preventing Work Bullying Guidelines.

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Employment conditions

Terms and Conditions of Employment

The ACTPS enterprise agreement sets out most of the immediate terms and conditions for the ACTPS. It covers the rights and responsibilities including topics like rates of pay, available leave and flexible working arrangements.

Contact your Corporate HR area if you are unsure of which particular ACTPS enterprise agreement applies to the employees you manage.

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Directorate or Agency Policies

It is important to know that your Directorate or Agency may have additional policies or guidance material that applies to you and your employees. This information is available on your local intranet or you should contact your Corporate HR area.


Using Social Media

Social Media Policy

As a people manager you should inform your staff about policies that apply to them. This includes the Whole of Government Social Media Policy which outlines ACTPS employee responsibilities when using social media both at work and outside working hours.

You can find Whole of Government policies on the portal including the Social Media Policy



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