ADAPT Strategic Workforce Planning

How ADAPT strategic workforce planning will help make the Government's priorities a reality

Canberra: A statement of ambition (the Statement) articulates the Government’s vision for Canberra as one of the world’s most liveable and competitive cities – welcoming to all. It articulates an integrated program of action that balances short-term delivery with long-term progress:

ADAPT strategic workforce planning will help make the Government’s priorities a reality by building an agile, responsive innovative and engaged ACTPS workforce.

Transforming your business

This whole of government resource presents ADAPT: A strategic workforce planning toolkit. Strategic workforce planning enables senior managers and executives to:

  • create workforces which meet future demands of ACT Public Service (ACTPS) provision;
  • adopt a consistent strategic workforce planning approach that anchors ‘people planning’ to the achievement of strategic priorities.

The ‘ADAPT’ model for strategic workforce planning focuses on shaping a workforce to meet an ideal future state, rather than allowing its current state to shape what an organisation can deliver in the future.

Who can use the ADAPT strategic workforce planning toolkit?

  • ACTPS executives and senior managers who are undertaking change processes (ie: restructures) within their organisations or are facing a particular service delivery challenge;
  • ACTPS HR practitioners partnering senior managers and executives on change projects or workforce planning activities; and
  • ACTPS managers who are undertaking recruitment activity or are seeking a way to address a particular service delivery challenge.

Strategic workforce planning is ideally undertaken in as part of the business planning cycle, when strategic priorities are being clearly articulated.

While the ADAPT toolkit is focused at a ‘big picture’ level, and  refers to directorates and divisions, the principles and steps of the ADAPT model can also be used by managers and supervisors for team restructures or recruitment opportunities to ensure that thought and direction is going into team structure choices.

How to use the ADAPT strategic workforce planning toolkit

This toolkit is designed to step you through the ADAPT model. You will create your tailored Strategic Workforce Plan by completing the tools in each section. Key answers will then be automatically added to the Strategic Workforce Plan summary at the end of this document.

Hyperlinks throughout will guide you to external key supporting information. Key highlighted terms and tools can be hovered over to activate a text box which contains the definition for the term or relevant tips, alternatively refer to the ‘definition of key terms’ chart at the end of this resource. All defined terms are highlighted blue and tool tips are indicated by a ‘question mark’ icon.

"The ADAPT strategic workforce planning toolkit has been designed to assist work areas across the service.

For all queries regarding the toolkit or to provide feedback please contact Public Sector Management Group, CMTEDD on, alternatively, for advice on how to apply this tool in your workplace, contact your Human Resources team.

ADAPT Strategic Workforce Planning Toolkit PDF (1.7 MB)