Make safety a priority at school drop offs and pick-ups

Released 20/02/2019

The school year has begun and Canberra drivers are reminded to keep our kids safe by parking safely and legally at school drop offs and pick-ups.

Access Canberra’s Director of Regulatory Solutions and Compliance, Ben Green, said safety is everyone’s responsibility and road users should not take short cuts when parking or driving around schools because doing so puts kids’ lives at risk.

“Parking across pedestrian crossings, corners, verges and double parking can block the vision of motorists. This could result in fatal consequences,” Mr Green said.

“For drop offs in the morning, it may be a good idea to take some extra time and park a little further away from the school and walk with your kids the rest of the way.  This may be inconvenient at times but every time a driver does the wrong thing they are putting a child’s life at risk.

“It’s also a good idea for parents and kids to have a pre-determined meeting spot for pick-ups.  That way if you’re late, your kids know where to wait and you don’t need to rush.

“Access Canberra will be doing its part to keep kids safe by using Licence Plate Recognition vans around school areas to encourage safe driving and parking practices.

“People parking dangerously or illegally can expect to be fined.

“Let’s get the school year off to a good start by working together to keep our children safe,” Mr Green said.

Don’t park:

  • on the verge - $120 fine
  • on footpaths or across driveways - $120 fine
  • in no stopping zones - $270 fines
  • in no parking zones - $120 fine
  • in bus zones - $162 fine
  • In mobility (disabled) spaces without displaying a permit - $600.

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