Office of Industrial Relations and Workforce Strategy

The Office of Industrial Relations and Workforce Strategy (OIRWS) commenced on 1 October 2022. OIRWS provides the formal structure to lead the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) industrial and employment agenda into the future.

OIRWS has a very strong and clear focus on education, consultation and awareness raising.

OIRWS provides a unique opportunity to shape the culture and workforce practices of the ACTPS. OIRWS drives workplace reform through progressive enterprise agreement and contemporary employment policy development. Importantly, the Office has the authority to develop and actively implement whole of government policies. OIRWS also provides support to ACTPS directorates and agencies working through complex industrial and employment policy matters.

OIRWS has been established to support a more effective ACTPS – where strategy, industrial relations, WHS and employment policy and governance is developed and delivered in a consistent and collaborative manner.

The intent is to build greater trust with, and between, all stakeholders and ensure that employee workplace experiences are consistent across the ACTPS.

OIRWS consists of:

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ACTPS Employment Portal

The portal includes information on the ACTPS Employment Framework, policies and procedures, tools for managers and supervisors, and other resources to support you in contributing to the ACT Public Service.

Public Sector Standards Commissioner 

An independent statutory appointment by the Chief Minister to conduct investigations into and provide advice to the Chief Minister on matters relating to the conduct of public servants.

ACT Remuneration Tribunal

The independent statutory tribunal with responsibility for setting the remuneration, allowances and entitlements for various public officials in the ACT.