Collaboration with NSW

ACT-NSW MoU on Regional Collaboration

Since the establishment of the ACT and Canberra as the nation's capital 100 years ago, the ACT and surrounding NSW have been intrinsically linked in their growth and development.

In 2016, the ACT Chief Minister and the NSW Premier re-committed to the ACT-NSW Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Regional Collaboration (first signed in 2011). The MoU strengthens the collaboration between the ACT and NSW Governments and serves to optimise regional outcomes and service delivery to the people of the ACT and South East NSW Region.  The MoU reflects the desire to pursue a regional approach on a range of areas.  It recognises the mutual benefits and increased opportunities that emerge through such collaboration.

The MoU allows both governments to:

  • Develop and implement shared proposals for policy change, planning and service delivery initiatives;
  • Consult with communities, business and industry groups, relevant parliamentarians, local government, government agencies and regional organisations; and
  • Identify key regional issues that impede efficient and consistent service delivery to communities, where attempts to resolve such issues at a local level have been unsuccessful or where a strategic government-to-government approach is required.

The two jurisdictions recommitted to the MoU, with refreshed priority action areas, in 2016. These priorities include:

Economic Development

  • Supporting tourism and freight opportunities for the ACT and South East region, including through shared planning, transport and freight data, co-funded export and tourism industry development initiatives and collaboration between VisitCanberra and Destination NSW to develop tourism product for an international market;
  • Joint support for the CBR Region identity as an economic development identity for the region;
  • Collaboration on Defence industry development activities, including industry capability mapping, skills needs identification and coordinated advocacy to the Australian Government to promote local industry participation and export market development; and
  • Identify and advocate for key cross-border infrastructure that supports economic development in both jurisdictions.

Built and Natural Environment

  • Work together to leverage and coordinate significant infrastructure and service delivery projects, including cross-border developments;
  • Develop a whole of catchment strategic approach to ensure integrated catchment management in the ACT and NSW South East Region;
  • Collaborate on waste management initiatives such as efforts to reduce waste to landfill and illegal waste activities such as dumping, as well as taking a regional approach to future waste infrastructure and business opportunities; and
  • Investigate cross-border transport connectivity issues to improving accessibility of public and community transport, fares and concessions, timetabling and ticketing options.

Integrated Service Planning

  • Recognising that a considerable number of NSW students currently access ACT facilities, develop a mechanism to better inform improved strategic planning;
  • work together on initiatives locally, and through COAG, to support the protection and well-being of children and the victims of domestic and family violence
  • Identify and address cross-border issues related to the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, including work force challenges, community transport, regulation and cross-border issues that may impact on equitable access for clients with a disability; and
  • making better connections between our emergency authorities so that both communities can be better served during times of disaster.

ACT-NSW Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Collaboration [PDF 2MB]
ACT-NSW Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Collaboration [Word 51KB]

View the latest MoU progress report and the updated work list here.