Policy and Cabinet

The Policy and Cabinet Division provides support and direction across the ACT Public Service on policy and strategy including:

  • providing advice and direction across the ACT Public Service on complex policy matters in social, economic, planning and security policy issues
  • supporting the Chief Minister as head of the ACT Government and chair of Cabinet
  • supporting the Head of the ACT Public Service as Secretary of Cabinet and Chair of Strategic Board
  • working cooperatively with individual agencies in the development of key policies, programs, communications and projects
  • managing and coordinating the ACT's relationships with other jurisdictions, most significantly with the Commonwealth, NSW, and local councils in the region
  • representing the ACT at intergovernmental forums, notably the Council of Australian Governments and Council for the Australian Federation.
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Cabinet and the Assembly 

Providing coordination and operational support to the Chief Minister, the ACT Executive, CMTEDD and the ACT Public Service in relation to Cabinet, and facilitating the passage of government business in the Legislative Assembly.

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Intergovernmental relations 

Managing the ACT Government’s interface with the Federal Government and other states and territories.

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Regional engagement 

Providing effective and productive regional engagement to enhance opportunities and improve outcomes for the community.

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Office of LGBTI Affairs 

Coordinating and supporting strategic government projects and policy to promote Canberra as the most LGBTIQ friendly City in Australia.

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Reportable Conduct Scheme 

Managing the ACT Government’s commitment to expanding oversight provided by the ACT Reportable Conduct Scheme to religious organisations that provide pastoral care and religious instruction services.

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Performance and accountability

Sustaining and strengthening performance and accountability in the ACT Government.