ACT Scientist of the Year Award

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The annual ACT Scientist of the Year Award recognises the achievements of an 'up and coming' scientist with significant potential to continue to achieve in their chosen field of research.

The award is accompanied by $30,000 prize money.

The objective of the award is to:

2018 ACT Scientist of the Year

Dr Rose Ahlefeldt was named the 2018 ACT Scientist of the Year  on 10 August 2018.

Dr Ahlefeldt uses novel rare-earth crystals for applications in quantum information, including high data storage density. Her work to build better quantum memories will be needed in the future for quantum computers and, eventually, the quantum internet.

Previous recipients of the ACT Scientist of the Year Award

2017 – Dr Kai Xun Chan, whose research looks at the effect of drought conditions on plants, and the ability of some plants to sense drought stress.

2016 - Dr Ceridwen Fraser, whose research looks at how plants and animals respond to past climate change, which has important implications for how we manage biodiversity and ecosystems now and into the future.

2015 – Dr Colin Jackson, whose work combines the disciplines of biology, physics and chemistry and is working to find solutions to real-world problems.

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