Released 06/12/2018

The familiar smell of freshly mown grass will soon fill the Canberra air as our annual mowing season blossoms into gear.

“An unseasonably dry winter period delayed the start of the ACT Government mowing season, however with recent November rainfall, Canberrans will start to see our mowing fleet in action on our road verges and other grassed areas in our parks and public spaces,” said Director of City Presentation at Transport Canberra and City Services, Stephen Alegria.

“The community will have noticed that sporadic mowing has continued throughout winter and into spring as our teams have continued to keep untidy areas in check. This reflects the high level of importance we put on keeping Canberra looking its best.”

Additional funding made available in the 2018-19 ACT Budget through the Better Suburbs initiative will ensure that Canberra’s suburbs will continue to be mowed on the normal four-weekly schedule throughout the peak growing times.

“Mowing isn’t just about making our city look good, with our teams undertaking three types of mowing: arterial road mowing, suburb mowing and fire hazard reduction mowing which is an integral part of the ACT’s bushfire preparedness strategy.”

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) announced that due to the earlier dry conditions, the start of the bushfire season was brought forward to 1 September. Illegal disposal of garden waste in our public spaces can create a fire hazard. TCCS reminds all residents to dispose of their garden waste safely and appropriately either using their garden organic green waste bin or by visiting garden waste drop off points such as the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre or Canberra Sand and Gravel (Parkwood Yard).

Transport Canberra and City Services has been on the frontline of mowing innovation in the last year, a cut above the rest with the introduction of the Pegasus wide area mower and now a hybrid sportsground mower that uses battery powered cutting heads.

“We introduced the Pegasus mower last mowing season and this year we have four in operation. One is used for dryland areas and three have been allocated to sportsgrounds. They’ve got 4.3 metre wide coverage which results in time saving as large areas can be mown more quickly and efficiently. It also frees up our tractors and other machines so they can be used elsewhere.

“We place a high level of importance on maintaining grass across the city, not only because it keeps our city looking well-presented, but also because it ensures public safety.”

“I’d like to remind all Canberra residents that they are responsible for mowing the nature strip that adjoins their property and I urge them to help us and do their part in keeping Canberra looking its best,” concluded Mr Alegria.

The annual mowing season program runs until May. For more information or to see the upcoming mowing schedule visit

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