Investigation completed on dog attack on alpaca

Released 17/05/2019

A thorough investigation has been undertaken by investigators from Transport Canberra and City Services into the distressing attack on Mimosa the alpaca on 12 March 2019.

The investigation was a high priority for Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS). Key actions undertaken during the investigation include:

  • collecting statements from two eye witnesses
  • a door knock of 14 properties in the area including schools, shops and businesses
  • a formal statement from the victim as well as a re-enactment of the incident
  • speaking with 18 individuals
  • assessing vet reports
  • following four potential leads including from social media.

During the investigation, TCCS also liaised with ACT Policing and the RSPCA ACT.

“The ACT Government has some of the strongest laws in Australia relating to dog attacks,” said Stephen Alegria, Executive Branch Manager, City Presentation.

“A new offence was introduced in the 2017 legislation amendments which applies where a person’s dog attacks another person or animal. That person must give the affected person reasonable assistance as requested including their contact details. This attracts a maximum penalty of $8,000. It is also an offence for the person responsible for the attack not to report a serious incident to Domestic Animal Services, also attracting a maximum penalty of $8,000.

“Seizure powers were also strengthened in the 2017 amendments, and a person’s dog registration can be cancelled and they can be prevented from registering any future dog where they cannot demonstrate responsible dog management, care or control.

“We would like to remind all dog owners that responsible pet ownership is everyone’s responsibility and you must ensure you have your dog under effective control at all times.”

TCCS has suspended the investigation into the dog attack incident involving Mimosa the alpaca in the absence of any identification of the dog or owner.

The case file remains active and the investigation will be resumed if and when further information becomes available. TCCS officers will be alert for such information in the course of compliance duties and patrols and the public can still provide any evidence that would be useful to the case through Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

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