New computer system comes online for Libraries ACT on Thursday

Released 28/11/2019

Libraries ACT branches are being refreshed with the final modifications being made to the new library computer system.

“This is an exciting time for all library members. Libraries ACT is about to launch an all new and improved catalogue to go with the new self-service kiosks and return chutes,” Libraries ACT Executive Branch Manager Vanessa Little said.

“Things will look different. They might work differently, too, but they will be easier to use, and you will be able to do more.”

The new computer system brings with it a clean slate for all members with outstanding charges on their account. They will get to start fresh with zero money owing.

“We want to encourage as many people as possible to use our libraries and with no more overdue library fines being issued from Thursday onwards, we look forward to seeing more visitors and new members,” Ms Little said.

When you first use the new system, you will need to confirm your account details online, or in person, create a new passphrase, and accept the updated membership terms and conditions and privacy statement.

If you have internet access at home or elsewhere, Libraries ACT encourages you to update your details online before visiting the library. This can be done from 21 November and will help streamline your library visit and the transition process.

To get the new computer system fully up and running, all Libraries ACT branches will be closed for one day on Wednesday 20 November for staff to complete final preparations, with the new library computer system online from Thursday 21 November 2019.

More information on the new and improved services to Libraries ACT can be found at

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