Consultation open on plans for final stages of Wright and Coombs

Released 22/06/2017

Development applications for the estate development plans for the final stages of development in Wright and Coombs are now open for public comment.

The estate development plans for the final two stages of Molonglo’s first suburbs include up to 852 dwellings as well public parks, green open spaces and community facility sites.

The next stage of these developments, located to the north of the existing Wright and Coombs developments, is scheduled for release during the 2017-18 financial year, consistent with the ACT Government’s Indicative Land Release Program.

Land Development Agency acting chief executive officer Neil Bulless said the estate layout for the two new stages were similar to previous stages and were consistent with the Territory Plan.

“The estate development plans for the final stages of Wright and Coombs allow for high-density multi-unit development along John Gorton Drive and a mix of single-residential blocks further away from the main transit corridor,” Mr Bulless said.

“The building heights along John Gorton Drive will be a minimum three-storey, in line with the existing limits on the transit corridor in the previous stages of these two suburbs, and allows for an appropriate level of densification close to good transport connections.

“There is a good mix of single-residential block sizes, with the majority larger than 500 square metres, to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

“The plans also include green open spaces, public parks and additional community facility sites, including one reserved for a non-government school that is scheduled for release in 2018-19.”

The new Wright development will have 212 single residential blocks, four sites for up to 213 multi-unit dwellings, a local playground, open green space areas and two community facility sites.

The new Coombs development will have 71 single residential blocks, nine sites for up to 356 multi-unit sites, a local playground, open green space and convenient access to the Molonglo River corridor and to Coombs Pond.

The development applications will be open for public comment online at until 21 July 2017.

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