Charity bins to be removed across the ACT

Released 03/04/2020

Charity bins located on public land throughout Canberra will no longer be available for clothing.

Minister for City Services Chris Steel encouraged Canberrans to immediately stop anonymously disposing of goods where charity bins were previously located.

“The ACT Government, with the support of charity bin operators, has made the decision to immediately revoke the licences of all charity bins located on public land throughout Canberra,” Minister Steel said.

“This decision has been made due to the growing challenges faced by charity operators in managing illegal dumping around the diminishing number of clothing bins around the city.

“Despite a range of measures to address the problem, including CCTV and improved compliance, some Canberrans are still continuing to dump goods next to bins, leaving our city untidy.

“It’s unfair for the charities to have to clean up these dump sites so they have been withdrawing these services.

“COVID-19 has also impacted the availability of charity workforces in managing the bins during this public health emergency.

“I am urging all Canberrans to please stop taking items to charity bins from now. We have already started the process of removing the remaining ones from locations around Canberra and will continue to do so in the coming days and weeks.”

High quality items, including clothing, books and homewares, can still be accepted by charities with shop fronts currently accepting goods.

The community is also encouraged to donate through GIVIT who are able to facilitate online matching of donations with registered charities and community organisations for those in need.

“I would also ask Canberrans to be mindful of the current COVID-19 challenges and to consider storing their items at home temporarily during this time and to avoid unnecessary travel. Poor quality and broken goods should go in the rubbish bin.”

Minister Steel said that the ACT Government remains committed to continued collaboration with the charity sector as we work to ensure there are ample opportunities for the reuse and recycling of unwanted items, particularly clothing.

“Following the public health emergency we will seek to meet with the charity sector and other interested organisations to work on the future of textile recycling in the ACT,” Minister Steel said.

“This will involve identifying alternative collection points in the future as well as looking to improve textile recycling beyond what is already available in the ACT.”

The Government’s new Bulky Waste collection scheme is due to start from the middle of the year which can take some items accepted in charity bins or commonly illegally dumped around them.

“I thank Canberrans for their understanding this disruption to the recycling industry as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together,” Minister Steel said.

Visit to find out more about recycling and reuse options in the ACT.

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