Kambah Neighbour Day Community Celebration

Released 25/07/2017

Kambah Residents will have the opportunity to come together at a free Neighbour Day celebration hosted by the ACT Asbestos Response Taskforce on Saturday 2nd of April.

“Neighbour Day is a great reminder to reconnect with neighbours and to welcome new people in our streets and suburbs, particularly as our Canberra community changes and grows,” Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman said.

“It is also particularly timely as many homeowners affected by ‘Mr Fluffy’ have moved through the Buyback Program to new properties within existing suburbs or new areas and are seeking to connect within their new communities. Neighbour Day is a great way to welcome people to a new street or suburb.”

“The Taskforce has now demolished more than 100 affected properties, four of which are in Kambah. There are an additional 84 Kambah properties scheduled for demolition between now and mid-2018, with activity currently occurring on nine of those sites.

“Through the Taskforce, the ACT Government wanted to give the residents of Kambah an opportunity to celebrate their community spirit as they face the removal of the largest number of affected houses of any Canberra suburb.

“Kambah residents are invited to free entertainment including, a barbecue, face painting, jumping castles and an art workshop in the local park behind the Kambah IGA.

Through the voluntary Buyback Program 976 owners have accepted offers for their properties to be purchased and already $13 million in stamp duty concessions have helped more than 551 households relocate to new homes and living arrangements in the ACT.

“Many people who have moved because of ‘Mr Fluffy’ are seeking to connect within their new communities and Neighbour Day is a great way to welcome people to their new street or suburb,” Minister Gentleman said.

“We each have a responsibility to engage with those around us and join in to keep Canberra connected and vibrant.”

“The catch-cry of Neighbour Day is ‘The community we want in Canberra starts at our own front door’ and everyday Canberrans reach out in small ways to make a connection with their neighbours.

“We bring in the waste bins, we mow the lawn, we stop by to say g’day, we share vegetables from our gardens, we check in on older or vulnerable people in our streets and we keep an eye on a home if someone is away.

“The small favours we do for our neighbours are the daily acknowledgements which enrich our community, bind us together and give us people to turn to when we need support or help.

“Neighbour Day reminds us that knowing the people around us is an important part of keeping our community safe as well as strengthening the very quality that makes Canberra so liveable, that we are a welcoming, supportive and  connected community.”

The free Kambah Neighbour Day Community Celebration will take place on Saturday the 2nd of April between 2pm and 4:30pm in the park on Boddington Crescent, behind the Kambah IGA.

To learn more visit www.neighbourday.org

#neighbourday or visit www.asbestostaskforce.act.gov.au

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