ACT’s new planning system is now live

Released 27/11/2023

Today marks the first day of the ACT’s new planning system. This milestone comes after extensive research and work with the community and industry to create the new framework for our city. The government has also released an update to the City Plan and a new City Centre Urban Design Guide today which will guide development and design in the City Centre.

Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman said today was a significant milestone for Canberra with the launch of a new and modern planning system fit for our growing and sustainable city. The new system will support delivery of the 100,000 dwellings required to meet our population and demand by 2050.

“We know the ACT will grow substantially over the coming decades. The new planning system allows us to plan for this growth in a measured and sustainable way,” Minister Gentleman said.

“This planning will mean Canberrans have the services and infrastructure they need now and into the future."

“The new planning system is a once in a generation change that will deliver on our recommitted Planning Strategy, guiding our growth and prosperity into the future. The new planning system recognises the importance of protecting the many defining characters of our city that we value so much, such as our green space, while supporting infill and intensification locations to achieve a more sustainable and liveable city."

“The government has also released an update of the 2014 City Plan today which provides a clear vision and framework for future development in the City Centre as a place for all Canberrans.

“The City Plan is supported by a new City Centre Urban Design Guide that works alongside the previously announced Housing and Urban Design Guides to improve development outcomes and guide the design and assessment of developments in the City Centre."

“Community and industry training programs on the new planning system have been occurring since September. This training helps the community to familiarise themselves with the changes that affect them to help positively shape Canberra."

“To date we have seen over 2000 people attend training sessions; which is a great outcome. Attendees have come from industry and community – highlighting the importance of ongoing communication and working in partnership to achieve the benefits of the new system for Canberra.”

Development applications under the previous system will continue to be assessed.

This initiative fulfills a large number of commitments of the Parliamentary Agreement of the 10th Legislative Assembly by the ACT Government.

More information about the Planning System and the City Plan is available on the ACT Government’s new Planning website.

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