Upcoming Having a Home Forum about housing options for people with disability

Released 13/11/2018

The Office for Disability will be hosting the Having a Home forum this Friday, from 9am to 7pm at 2 Bowes Street Phillip, to start a conversation about housing options for people with disability in the ACT.

We all know there are many pieces in the puzzle of having a home. People with disability must consider a wide range issues when piecing this puzzle together; accessibility, connection to community, supports, affordability, living independently, sharing a home, availability of places that could be called home.

The Having a Home forum will bring people together to share information and start building the networks we will need to make these solutions happen.

Presenters at the forum include:

  • The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
  • Dan McLennan, CEO, Summer Housing (Melbourne)
  • Tony Rutherford, Senior Partner, Moores (Sydney)
  • James Hooper (Lighthouse Infrastructure, Melbourne), Kirk Robinson and Scott Ellis (BFIN investment bank, Sydney)
  • Court Walters, Specialist Housing Support Coordinator, Araluen (Melbourne)
  • Owen Jourdain, Managing Director, Illowra Projects (Victoria)
  • Sally Richards, Benambra Intentional Community (ACT)

To RSVP for this event, go to https://havingahome.eventbrite.com.au/

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