27 August 2018

Open Access – Cabinet decision summary for the week of 27 August 2018

Cabinet Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2018

2019-20 Budget: Budget Process Rules, Strategy and Timetable

Minute number: 18/484/BUD

The Budget Committee of Cabinet agreed on the rules, strategy and timetable for the 2019‑20 Budget process. Under the requirements of the ACT Government Cabinet Handbook, no Triple Bottom Line Assessment was required for this item given the technical nature of the submission.

Support for Canberra and Capital Region A-League Team

Minute number: 18/537/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the provision of in-principle support for a Canberra and Capital Region A-League team and that if the Canberra and Capital Region A-League Bid is successful, a performance partnership agreement should be formalised between the ACT Government and the Canberra and Capital Region A-League team.  Cabinet agreed that this in-principle support for funding is only applicable to the current round of A-League expansion, with any other request for support for any future bid subject to later Government consideration.

Gas Infrastructure Policy

Minute number: 18/199/CAB

Cabinet agreed a deregulation policy regarding gas infrastructure in stage 2 of the Ginninderry development.

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program – Participant Follow –up Function (Schedule D of the National Partnership Agreement on Specified Project

Minute number: 18/455/CAB

Cabinet agreed the Minister for Health and Wellbeing sign the National Partnership Agreement.


Cabinet endorsed the below appointments:

  • ACT Remuneration Tribunal (Minute number 18/548/CAB)
  • Radiation Council (Minute number 18/262/CAB)
  • Tree Advisory Council (Minute number 18/502/CAB)
  • Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Advisory Committee(Minute number 18/500/CAB)

Under the requirements of the ACT Government Cabinet Handbook, Triple Bottom Line Assessments are not required for appointments.

Cabinet date: Friday, 31 August 2018

Reasons for withholding access

Minute number: 18/575/CAB – Open Access – Reasons for Withholding Access(PDF 97KB)


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