Final Report of the McLeod Inquiry

The Inquiry into the Operational Response to the January 2003 Bushfires.
Inquiry headed by Mr Ron McLeod.

Report of the Inquiry

This report is available as both Adobe Acrobat files, and as RTF (text) files.

The Acrobat version is the official version and most closely resembles the printed version presented to the Chief Minister.

Download the entire report [icn_pdf PDF 2.4 MB]

Content Adobe Acrobat icn_pdf Text (rtf) icn_word
Cover 137 KB NA
Maps 1 MB NA
Contents 59 KB 77 KB
Title page and letter of Transmittal 67 KB 105 KB
Summary 114 KB 280 KB
1. Introduction 93 KB 605 KB
2. The January 2003 fires and how they were dealt with 348 KB 1.7 MB
3. The public submissions: a summary 116 KB 267 KB
4. Operational readiness: an assessment 419 KB 5.1 MB
5. The public dimension 179 KB 1.7 MB
6. The future   157 KB 1.3 MB
7. Summary of recommendations 72 KB 94 KB
8. Concluding remarks 68 KB 66 KB
Appendix A: A The Inquiry’s terms of reference 45 KB 40 KB
Appendix B: Reviews and studies established as a result of the January 2003 bushfires 46 KB 63 KB
Appendix C: Organisations visited or consulted as part of the Inquiry 58 KB 56 KB
Appendix D: Australian Defence Force assistance provided to the ACT for the January 2003 bushfires 44 KB 83 KB
Appendix E: Areas burnt in the ACT in the last 80 years 85 KB 292 KB
Appendix F: National emergency service arrangements: an overview 71 KB 104 KB
Appendix G: Previous ACT inquiries and reviews 69 KB 91 KB
Appendix H: Australasian Fire Authorities Council paper ‘Community Safety and Evacuation During Bushfires’ 58 KB 85 KB

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